Ice Buster Bobber

Ice Buster Bobber
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The one, the only, the original, and still the best ice fishing bobber invented since 1999 is the Ice Buster Bobber. Trim it down for the correct sensitivity so the fish won’t feel any resistance. Easily snaps on and off the line. Never freezes to your line because the base is below the waterline. Built with a straight slotted hole so there is no need for the plastic bead and your line will zip through while using only a stop knot. This bobber is glued together with a special waterproof glue so it won’t fall apart. Patented design: 6,079,147



  • Will not freeze to line
  • Snap on/snap off
  • Adjustable to match lure weight
  • Includes two stop knots
  • Available in 3" or 5" 
  • Available in two packs or six packs
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