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Screen Tent Rain Fly-Escape Sport Screen Tent (White)

Screen Tent Rain Fly-Escape Sport Screen Tent (White)
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NEW to the Quick-SetTM lineup this year is the rainfly accessories available for the Escape/Sky or Pavilion models. These rain flys will be the perfect new accessory to use with your screen tent. These flies easily attach to the top of your Quick-SetTM  Escape, Sky or Pavilion screen tent with a hook for better protection in the rain. This is a must have for all who use their screen tent in inclement weather or who sleep in their tent. Rain Fly conveniently packs in the carry bag of your screen tent so it is ready for your next camping trip.

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WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm


  • Provides additional water resistance to the top of screen tent
  • Water resistant taped roof panel
  • Attaches to top of screen tent at each of corner with spring cord and hook attachments
  • Newer screen tents have D-rings along the roof edge of the screen tents for attachment (only available on screen tents from 2019 or newer)
  • Available for three screen tent models:
    • Escape/Sky
    • Pavilion
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